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oh my god. om my god. >> an amateur photographer captured the terrifying moments when the aisiana jet crashed. >> questions about the pilot. and a new investigation did a teenage passenger survive the crash only to be killed by a rescue truck rushing to the scene? >> a call to initiate a go around occurred 1.5 seconds before impact. >> with the data recorder, what it shows seconds before the crash. good evening. tonight, the wreckage of that jet remain in the tarmac at sfo. runway 28 left is still closed but all of the other runways are back in service. also tonight, new information
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about the pilot at the controls when the jetliner crash. >> kpix5 has details on what was a training flight and more on what was happening in the cockpit just before impact, linda? >> reporter: well, bryan, a veteran pilot for the airplanes but he was learning how to fly a plane that was new to him. earlier today federal investigators revealed that the pilot struggled with the aircraft almost stalled out in the seconds before those final minutes. >> reporter: in this exclusive video given to cnn an eyewitness records flight 214, seen on the right, as it crash lands. it skids. >> oh my god, its an accident. >> reporter: flips on said side and burst into flamessism the flight data and voice recorders are giving them the clues to what happened. >> seconds before impact. one of the crewmembers called
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for more speed. >> i will tell you that the speed was significantly below 137 knots. and we are not talking about a few knots. >> reporter: then, four seconds before crashing the sound of a stick shaker is heard. it is activated. >> this is both an oral and physical queue to the crew they are approaching a stall. it is called a stick shaker but there is a yolk they are holding and it vibrates. and it is telling them that a stall is approaching. >> reporter: 1.5 seconds before impact, to avoid crashing, a crewmember calls for a goaround. >> that means they don't want to land but apply power and go around and try to land again. >> reporter: but the plane landed short on the runway, the tail section sliced off as it hit the sea wall. pieces scattering throughout the field.
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>> so, based on those recordings and what you just explained are you finding preliminary findings pointing to pilot error? >> what i will tell you is that the ntsb conducts thorough investigations. we will not reach a determination of probable cause in the first few days that we are on an accident scene. we want to make sure that we gather all of the perishable evidence and the facts early in the investigation. >> reporter: new tonight, asiana airplanes admits the pilot landing the flight 214 was in training. although he was an experienced pilot this was his first time landing a boeing 777 at sfo. he had only 43 hours flight time on this type of plane. newest photos released by the ntsb today show investigators at the crash site examining the debris field by the wreckage. close attention was paid to the tail section that broke apart. other investigators were examining the landing gear sitting on the runway. just some of the evidence
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needed to 0 in on a cause. >> everying is on the table right now. too early to rule anything out. >> reporter: investigators still need to interview the crew and now brian, tonight, korean safety inspectors plan to join in on the investigation. >> linda, you know, now that we know the pilot was training on this night do we know anything about the copilot? >> reporter: yes, the asiana flight says the copilot had 3400 hours flying on that boeing 777. >> and do we have any idea the shape the pilots are in physically tonight? >> reporter: no. they would give us no indication on what their status is or how injured they ever were. we do know all of those factors and what happened before minutes before the flight with the health of those pilots are part of the investigation. >> got it. i understand the ntsb will talk to them tomorrow. we will see. all right, thank you. this is incredible video out of the crash as it
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happened. an amateur photographer was in the right place at exactly the right time. >> look at that one. look how his nose is up in the air. >> oh my god. oh, it is an accident. >> oh you are filming it, too. >> oh, my god. >> oh, no. >> oh, my god. >> what happened? >> oh my god. oh my god. >> you filmed the whole thing. >> oh lord have mercy. >> you are listening to the photographer they decided to film planes the moment the crash happened. >> we are getting a look at inside of the flight. photos taken by the ntsb were released eight hours ago and they show how violent the crash
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was. broken seats, oxygen max underscore the conditions. rescuer his to use knives to cut through seat belts and free passengers. investigators spent part of the day combing through the debris field. they were paying attention to the far end of runway 28 left. their goal is to identify what is called the 4 corners of the wreckage. the nose, tail and wing tips. what is collected will hopefully tell the investigators how the plane itself performed during the crash. and we wanted to get an idea of what pilots aboard flight 214 were facing as they made their final approach to sfo. don knapp tried to recreate similar conditioned in of a simulator and he came up with the same tragic results. >> the visual. your eyes should be able to judge where you are going to land. >> reporter: flight instructor medina flies a similar approach. too low, too slow. just like a is siana flight 214
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before it crashed. >> i will bring the powerback up. so it goes more. even more. more. close to the rocks now, and oh, going to bring it idol. see that is is warning right there. see that? i already crashed right there. see? >> reporter: why didn't the pilots know they were flying low? >> it will be a big part of the investigation. one thing talked about the airport's glide slope indicator is is out of service -- it is out of service. >> you don't need instruments to get into the airport. again, a clear day, good visibility they were cleared for a visual approach. >> medina, an instructor, simulates a landing on sfo's 28 left without depending on the
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equipment. he has other options. >> the localizer that helps pilots align the plane with the runway. and colored lights that show the pilot if the approach is too high or too low. in this video, equal number red and white show the pilot is right on track. >> we have to evaluate whether or not the pilot used or had available to them other tools in the aircraft or outside of the aircraft that were on the airport property and how they were flying the approach. using automation or hand flying. >> back to the indicator, wildly distributed guidelines advice pilots the system would be shut off june 1st to august 22nd. that notice is what all airlines around the world knows about. ann? >> don, thank you. there may be a tragic twist to all of this. we are awaiting the results of an autopsy by the coroner to see if one of the 16-year-old victims was actually killed by
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a rescue vehicle on the runway. sanfrancisco fire officials told the coroner about the possibility about the crash site. her body was found near the left wing. that possibility heartbreaking to an already devastated family. a photographer captured, in china, captured the moment the family of wang lin jia were notified. the officials believe the girls were sitting in the back of the plane. here are the updated numbers. 17 remain hospitalized, six are in critical condition condition including one child. it is stanford, 10 are hospitalized, two critical and three are still at cpnc hospitals. many of the most seriously hurt suffered spinal injuries, kpix5 has the story of one crash survivor who has five family members in the hospital including her 4-year-old son.
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>> when i see the picture with the fire, wow t is horrible. >> reporter: she speaks calmly outside of the hospital about the nightmare she just went through. >> the plane tail touched the ground directly. >> you felt that? you felt it? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: she and her 4- year-old son were sitting in row 40 near the back of the plane right next to a hole that ripped open, large enough for two. >> i had the time to walk out. the hole was very close to my seat. so i take my baby and just take my carry on baggage and walk out. >> reporter: many were not as lucky. all of the hospitals that took in injuries patients sf general took the most. today the chief of surgery described the injury. >> a huge amount of spine fractures, some of them that include paralysis. >> we saw patients with severe road rash as suggesting they
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were dragged. we are not sure if the patients were outside of the plane and this is what happened to them. both of those are alive. >> reporter: some injuries came from the seat belts. >> one patiented the seats in front of her and they came at her. >> reporter: one point last night they were running low on blood. they got an emergency supply but they will need more over the next several days. many patients need multiple surgeries. >> i feel lucky. >> reporter: she was sitting in the back of the plane, which turned out to the be the most dangerous area for passengers in this crash. her son has a broken leg but all of her five family members on board are expected to survive. >> i will fly again. maybe i need some time. >> reporter: in san francisco, back to you. >> can you imagine she literally walked away from that. tonight the airlines and the ntsb met with some of the survivors at the hotel
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listening to their concerns and explain the investigation. another tragic plane crash to tell you about. the authorities say an air taxi crashed at a small alaska airport killing all 10 people on board. it happened just after 11:00 this morning. it is 75 miles southwest of anchorage. alaska state troopers say it was fully engulfed before the firefighters could get to it. the victims have not yet been identified. ntsb investigators are scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon. a developing story tonight. a manhunt continues for a suspect near the marine gateway shopping center it started when a sheriff's deputy recognized the suspect's vehicle. a witness says the officer approached the vehicle and told the suspect that he would shot if he tried to drive away. the suspect is drove away. the officer shot. the suspect's car was later found abandoned with its windows blown out. >> when the gentleman smashed off down the middle of the road the officer proceeded to get in
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the middle of the street. 14 kids at the park. he got in the street and continue to shoot, i think, two more shots behind the gentleman. >> they searched for the man house to house. some streets remain close as they look for the suspect. another runway opened after yesterday's crash but things are far back to normal. the cancellations and delays for people trying to fly. plus, how new plane coninstruction standards may have been the key in saving so many lives in yesterday's crash.
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get more with breakfast and a two-room suite for rates as low as $115 per night at an embassy suites. book now at yesterday's crash. the girls were heading to wt valley christian church in e san fernando valley. they a southern california church is mourning the life of the two teenagers who died in the crash. the two were heading down to the church, they were part of a group of 35 students going to spend the summer in host families learning english. instead, some may rurp home to china. the airport closure that followed the crash left plenty of -- return home to china. the airport closure that followed the crash left plenty of people left at the airport and baggage at the claim area yesterday and as you can can see on the right. many still waiting to be claimed today. well, the thousands of passenger who's had their flights canceled were back at
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sfo looking for a way out. we talk to stranded travelers who seem to be taking it in stride. >> reporter: the lines began even before travelers arrived at sfo. after hugs and good-byes this was what greeted them inside of the international terminal. long lines that stretched for blocks. you could not see the start or end point. all you saw was a sea of people standing, waiting, and hoping they can fly out of san francisco today. many of these passengers had their flights canceled yesterday. the garcia family from chicago spent the night sleeping on the floor at sfo. >> we started calling around looking for hotels and this was no hotels left. >> the flight to china was rescheduled for sunday. >> our vacation was ruined but in the bigger scheme of things people are worst off. we started reflecting and say, okay, l -- well, you know t is
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just vacation. >> reporter: this woman's connection flight to canada was canceled and no answers from her airline. >> wait and ask and just keep asking. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> upset. and, i don't know what to do. >> reporter: unlike many forced to sleep at the airport, she did find a hotel nearby. other passengers able to reschedule their flights say they are trying to stay patient. >> being diverted into shanghai and other parts of china and it turned into a 2-1/2 day trip for me. >> sounds like a mess. >> it is a mess. they are trying hard. >> reporter: sfo canceled dozens of flights today and many more delayed. back to you. well, miraculous is how people are describing the
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crash. although two young girls lost their lives, 298 survived. >> oh my god. it is an accident. >> reporter: the crash happened so unexpectedly even the airlines trained crew was taken by surprise. despite the chaos, passengers were able to get out and a passenger said he thinks he knows why. >> what saved so many lives today is the fact that there aorp you had flame retardant in the seats and the cabin. it contributed to the fact that the cabin did not light off as quickly. >> the flight safety foundation says as chilling as it may look these seats also save lives. >> now, with the new seats and a new faster ins and the stronger floors in the aircraft, those seats now stay in place. >> now, take the time to check the safety cart in front of you. excellent. >> reporter: and believe it or
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not he says new in-flight training videos make a difference. >> they are more interesting as i would say. and, the passengers seems to hold an interest in watching it where most of us had our phaurp if front of our face and did not pay attention. >> reporter: -- newspaper in front of our face and did not pay attention. >> reporter: it was key to save lives in the last three crashes in indonesia this past april, in london in 2008, and another in 2005. none of the more than 500 total passengers and crew died. ntsb says the crash at sfo will lead to more safety. >> we have survival team. they documented the locations of rest of the two fatalities. they are going to be working now to document the seating positions of those who were injured. we want to identify preliminary
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injury patterns, interview survivors, as well as conduct cabin crew interviews. >> airplane travel is still the safest people are much more likely to lose their lives in the car ride to the airport. the america's cup races are underway. clouds are pushing into the bay area. not before the sun sets in vacca sreul. take a peek -- vaccaville. we will take a peek. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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be closed until midnight.
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looking at some of our other top stories. wood side road will be closed until midnight. that is because of this. a 6 alarm fire around 2:00 this morning. more than 100 firefighters and 20 engines were called to the apartments to battle the flames. even though there were no serious injuries almost 100 people were displaced. this is no word on the cause. remember the america's cup. the races are underway. today's event had only one competitor. sailing around the course and the challenger trials without an opponent. roberta gonzalez checking the forecast. last week it was wild. this week, evening out? >> very much so. a stable weather pattern until
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midweek. and, i will explain why, coming up, but first thing is first. heading outside. good evening, everyone. we have the return of the marine layer. dipping down to 1,000 feet. not interfere with coin tower right now that stands so brightly. now, the winds are whipping up 12 to 13 knots an hour. 60 degrees right now in san jose and throughout the try valley. it is now 54 refreshing in santa rosa. that is after realizing the high there today is 80 degrees. otherwise it was spot on. that is where we should be for this time of the year in san francisco. middle 70s throughout mountain view. all of the way up to 90 in the try valley. warmer today than yesterday. not as warm as it will be tomorrow. tonight, overnight, our lows will be dipping into the 50s from the coast all of the way into the delta. the winds will begin to dial back. this is where we all need to know. tonight, including over, we will see areas of patchy fog along the seashore and the central bay, otherwise tomorrow, waking up in the
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clouds and ending up in sunshine all of the way back to the beaches with partial clearing. it will be warmer on tuesday. future cast, here you go. the clouds lining up at the coast. trickling into the bay. retreating after the morning commute. and then hanging very fightly right there. tomorrow's high. going up, around 71 degrees in oakland. staying the same around san francisco to the sunset district and 80 degrees in mountain view. the low 90s, san ramoan. and here you go. warmest of the workweek. then, numbers coming down due to a trough north of us that will go ever so gently in the westerly direction and lower us to seasonal highs. right after this newscast, of course, "gameday" is bringing it. in addition to the a's and
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giants wrap up today. a spotlight on a san francisco big man, well known in basketball circles. and who is running what has been called the biggest and best charity golf tournament in the bay area? you are about to meet him. his event is coming around. don't move check your seat belt. ,,,,,,
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carrying crude oil derailed early saturday... setting off a ss of quebec. a river of fire after a 73 car train derailed early on saturday setting off a series of explosions in eastern quebec. five people have been called and 2,000 canadians were forced out of their homes. we will find out tomorrow if the new bay bridge will open on schedule. bay officials are expected to brief lawmakers tomorrow. and if they are going to finish the stabilizers where they snapped and testing if the other 2200 bolts are sound. at this point the new bridge is scheduled to open labor day weekend. >> we will see.

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